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SR-22 Insurance Information

Understanding SR-22 certification can help you manage your car insurance needs effectively. This certificate proves you carry the minimum insurance coverage required by state law.

Not everyone must have an SR-22 certificate on file with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Contact The Mike Dyer Agency for a personalized auto insurance quote.

Why Is SR-22 Required?

The SR-22 certificate is often required for drivers who:

If you receive notice that you must file SR-22, contact your insurer immediately. Our agents can help you get SR-22-compliant car insurance coverage.

How Long Is SR-22 Required?

Typically, the SR-22 requirement lasts for a minimum of three years, but the required duration varies by state and circumstances.

During this period, you must maintain continuous insurance coverage without any lapses. Failure to maintain SR-22-compliant auto insurance can reset the requirement period, potentially extending the time you need to carry SR-22 certification.

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The Mike Dyer Agency is here to assist if you must maintain SR-22-compliant insurance or have questions about your requirements. With locations in Knoxville, Madisonville, Kingston, and Dayton, Tennessee, our team can help you navigate the process—ensuring you find a policy that meets your needs.

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