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Frequently Asked Renters Insurance Questions

Most recent declaration pages for the policies they would like quoted. If the declaration pages do not include dates of birth or driver's license numbers, we will need this information to get an accurate quote. 

Switching during the middle of your term isn't a big deal when it comes to your auto policy. Little things such as making sure your EFT draft is suspended with your current company, or making sure your lienholder's information is correct on the new policy, are the type of things you have to make sure are done. Once you've issued your new policy, be sure to contact your old insurance company to cancel the policy- we cannot do this for you. 

When it comes to homeowners policies, the situation varies. If you pay for your home insurance yourself, it's not much different than the simple auto policy switch. However, if your home is escrowed, like majority of homeowners policies, it is best to wait about 30-45 days before your renewal to begin shopping. Mortgage companies usually send the full year's premium to the current carrier about 20-30 days out, so if you're shopping or found a rate you're happy with, notify your mortgage company as soon as you can that you're thinking of switching so they do not mail the check to the wrong company. 

Most companies do charge if you cancel mid-term due to prorated premiums. For example, if your monthly bill is due on the 15th of every month and you cancel your policy on the 21st, you will be billed for those 6 days of coverage that weren't paid for during the new billing cycle. If you pay your policy in full or cancel before the due date, you'll either see a refund or a decreased bill for your current carrier. 

As long as you have an email that you monitor on a regular basis, yes! We may have to call to verify certain information with you, but majority of it all can be done via email- including signatures!

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