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As a tenant, having renters insurance is essential. Accidents can occur inside your rental place unexpectedly, leading to high repair or replacement costs. Renters insurance can reduce out-of-pocket expenses following a covered accident. Choosing the right coverage may be challenging, but The Mike Dyer Agency is here to help you navigate the process of selecting a policy.

Frequently Asked Renters Insurance Questions

Renters insurance is coverage tenants commonly get to financially protect their personal belongings from damage in their rental property. Coverage works like other insurance policies in which you pay your insurance carrier an insurance premium in return for financial assistance after a covered accident occurs. Renters insurance coverage options vary, but most cover personal property damage and personal liability if you're responsible for third-party bodily injuries or property damage. Additional living expenses may also be included if an event forces you to live elsewhere temporarily while your home is being repaired.
Renters insurance coverage rates often vary significantly among policyholders. Your insurance may use factors such as your insurance claims history and rental property location to determine your premiums. If you live in an area with a low crime rate and less severe weather and have never filed an insurance claim, you may pay less for renters insurance than a tenant in a similar rental home who has filed several claims and lives and an area with higher crime and weather risks. The Mike Dyer Agency can help you learn more about potential policy rates.
Renters insurance is not required by law. However, some landlords, apartment complexes or homeowners associations may require you to carry some form of coverage. Regardless of requirements, covering accident-related expenses may be challenging without insurance. Renters insurance can be excellent financial protection from accidents in your rental place.
If you are a tenant near Knoxville, Dayton, Madisonville or Kingston, Tennessee, the dedicated agents at The Mike Dyer Agency can assist you in learning more about renters insurance to help you decide on the right policy for you and your rental place. Call our agency today at 865-966-2111 for more information.

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