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Protecting your assets is a vital component of financial planning. Many people choose to have home and auto insurance policies to cover these essential possessions. However, even these coverages have their limitations, and for coverage beyond your policy limits, you need personal umbrella insurance.

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Personal insurance policies have policy limits. You may need to add additional protection for coverage beyond these limitations, known as personal umbrella insurance. Typical insurance policies provide valuable protection, but you can still be financially liable for an amount more significant than what your policies cover. For instance, if you have a fire in your home and it spreads and destroys your neighbor’s property, would your home insurance include enough liability coverage to pay for damages? 

Umbrella insurance can protect your assets if you’re liable for property damage or bodily injury. If you are sued and don’t have enough coverage with your standard policies, all your assets are vulnerable, including your house, car, financial and retirement accounts, and future income. 

An umbrella insurance policy adds a layer of protection to your primary policies. When you’ve reached your home or auto insurance limits, your umbrella insurance can help cover the remaining costs. 

Your umbrella policy may even cover liability claims such as libel, slander and false imprisonment. In addition, your umbrella insurance doesn’t just protect you; it may also cover your spouse and family members living in your household named on your existing policies

Umbrella insurance isn’t legally required, but it can be beneficial if you have a lot of assets to protect or the likelihood of being sued, and you don’t want to assume these financial worries personally. Protect yourself from financial devastation due to an unforeseen incident with a personal umbrella policy.

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