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Running a business costs money, so insuring it is a must. Keep costs affordable by investing in a Business Owners Policy, or BOP. It’ll provide comprehensive protection with sustainability in mind. 

What is a BOP?

The BOP developed out of the idea that businesses need multiple types of insurance. Insurers thus created the BOP to offer some of the most critical types of coverage in one package. 

With a BOP, you’ll have one package of essential insurance options. You’ll pay one premium and can tailor coverage limits to your personal needs. Therefore, you’ll put your business on more secure financial footing. 

What do BOPs cover?

Every BOP will vary. Yet, most offer a few standard coverage options. These generally include: 

Property insurance

Covers physical assets like your building and the contents kept inside.

General liability coverage

If the business causes property damage or injury to customers, this coverage can help you repay them for their losses.

Interruption coverage

Covers you if you have to temporarily close your business after a hazard. Coverage can pay expenses like salaries or taxes though you cannot operate to make money.

What don't BOPs cover?

Keep in mind, your BOP won’t cover everything. You’ll likely need to augment coverage with extra policies like:

Commercial auto insurance

Professional liability coverage

Workers compensation

Health insurance for employees

Work with your agent to set the most comprehensive policy structure for your company. 

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Why do you need a BOP?

Think about many of the ways a BOP can help you. 

Customer accidents

What if a customer slips and falls in your business? Your liability coverage can help pay their medical bills or legal settlements.

Fire or weather

If a fire or weather damages the store or items inside, you can get help replacing them.

Property damage

If you accidentally damage a customer’s property, you can repay them for the damaged items.

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In these and many other circumstances you can easily see the benefits of a BOP. Rather than put your hard-earned assets on the line trying to clean up, let your coverage help. It’ll be valuable protection for your business.

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